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 Australia Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Australia Marriage/Fiancé Visa

Australia Marriage Visa Consultant Dubai provides opportunities for the fiancée to migrate to Australia. Love has no boundaries, Australia is a multi-cultural country where people during their course of travel or study fall in love. This integration of different cultures often inspires people of different countries where at one point they cannot live without each other. This international union is a milestone of globalization in this modern era. If you are planning to marry an Australian citizen, Australia Marriage Visa Consultant Dubai provides opportunities for the fiancée to migrate to Australia and get a marriage visa. The Marriage visa is given for a period of nine months and within this period, the couple has to get married. Prerequisite criteria for obtaining the Marriage or Fiancée Visa is that the spouse or fiancée must meet the health and character requirements designated by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). At Ascent Visas, our Australia Marriage Visa Consultant Dubai have helped thousands of families to be together wherein our specialists are trained to assist you to get Australian Marriage or Fiancée visa for the Middle East, GCC, Europe and Africa residents and citizens.

Australia Marriage Visa Consultant Dubai is best management consultancy in UAE since 2002. Applicants for marriage visa have to be sponsored by their fiancée who has Australian citizenship or permanent residence visa and who must be over 18 years of age. The couple has to prove that their relationship is genuine and legally formalized, they need to present evidence of their mutual, continuing relation in the last twelve months. Marriage visa applicants have to physically meet their fiancée and need to demonstrate good personal knowledge and their intention to create a strong family grounds with their fiancée. Creating a valid and convincing case is the main condition for granting the marriage visa.