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The Critical Skills Work Visa is an option given by the South African government for skilled foreign workers to fill the shortage gap of skilled workers as per the critical shortage occupation list. It allows foreigners to enter South Africa without a job offer and search for a job and convert the visa to a Work Permit. South Africa is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, and is considered to be a newly industrialized country.
Its economy is the second largest in Africa and the 28th-largest in the world. In terms of purchasing power parity, South Africa has the seventh-highest per capital income in Africa, although poverty and inequality remain widespread, with about a quarter of the population unemployed and living on less than US$1.25 a day. Nevertheless, South Africa has been identified as a middle power in international affairs, and maintains significant regional influence.


There is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors and professions in South Africa. More especially, qualified technical workers, such as engineers and IT specialists, as well as health specialists, are in short supply.
South Africa Skilled worker visa entitles you to stay and search for a job in the country as per the visa grant period.
After getting a job, one can apply for work & stay permit, from within the country.
On an employment resident permit, you have to complete 5 years to apply for permanent residency.

Points Test

This visa has a points test designed to select visa applicants who have the skills and attributes that will help them find suitable employment in an occupation that matches their skills and is required in Australia.