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Canada Student Visa

Planning on studying in Canada? Let Ascent Visas take care of the hassle of applying for your Student Visa.

Benefits of this Visa
Once your visa has been approved:

​You and your family can live and work anywhere in Canada. You and your family can live in Canada for up to 3-4 years (depending on length of course)
​Your family can work full time and you can work part time
​Upon completion of your degree you will be issued a 3-year work permit by the government so you can find a job and work in Canada full time
​During this period, you may apply for permanent residence which then leads to citizenship for your family and yourself.

What is needed?

You will need to provide us with an official Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian university you wish to go to the IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System): every case is different when it comes to what you need to score, and as part of our assessment we will be able to advise you through what is needed.

Study in Canada

Canadian Universities stand among the top global rankings and students from all over the world try to get into one the prestigious institutions in the country. However, if you are interested in studying in Canada, then you need to apply for a Canada Study Permit. There is also an option of earning while Studying with the Canada Work Study Permit and people living in dubai the study permit Canada is relaxed the requirements and Canada study permit is easy as never before.

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